Best Vegan and Gluten-free Friendly Restaurants in Queenstown

During my trip to New Zealand, I explored the South Island which was truly breath-taking. During my stay, I was pleasantly surprised to discover several great restaurants and cafes, especially in Queenstown.

Taco Medic Searle Lane

Located in Queenstown, their entire menu is gluten free and they have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, including walnut and pepita fried cutlets, which were delicious.

Caribe Latin Kitchen

Yhis hole in the wall restaurant is run by Venezuelans and was a delight to find. They have vegan and some gluten-free options for every item on their menu, including arepas and tacos. The flavors are incredible and definitely my favorite spot in Queenstown.

Blue Kanu

This restaurant is truly a rare gem, as it combines the flavors of Pacific Islander and Asian cuisines. All their gluten free items, vegetarian, and vegan items are marked. Some of my favorites were the shitake mushroom and smoked tofu roll, as well as their kung pao jackfruit nachos.

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